A Word from the Innkeepers

Dear Guest:
The Rhett House Inn

The Rhett House Inn

Welcome to The Rhett House Inn and the South Carolina Lowcountry – one of the most beautiful and historic spots in America, and what we and many travel guides, magazines, and most importantly, our 5,000 guests over the past quarter-century consider one of the finest inns in the coastal Southeast. Our goal for 26 years has been simple – to provide superior accommodations and service in an atmosphere of comfort, style, and grace as you enjoy what we feel is the finest vacation destination in South Carolina. After visiting friends in Beaufort and touring the ca. 1820 Thomas Rhett House, we made the decision to change careers – a midlife opportunity. We were both in the fashion industry in New York, but were so enchanted by the town and people we bought the landmark house in Beaufort’s National Historic Landmark District in 1986 and began the restoration process. We set out to create an experience unparalleled in Beaufort: an inn that reflects the elegance and amenities of a luxury hotel, with the intimate comfort and service of a sophisticated bed and breakfast. With the addition of the Cottage and the Newcastle Cottage Suites, the Rhett House Inn has grown from 5 to 19 rooms over the years, while maintaining the 2nd longest-running AAA Four Diamond rating in S. C. (and the only Four Diamond rating in Beaufort) – 16 straight years.

It has been an amazing and gratifying journey, and we believe that we succeeded in our goal. We are confident that The Rhett House Inn will continue to surpass guests’ expectations, and continue to be a leader in Beaufort’s renaissance.

Rhett House Inn Guest Area Because of its sublime beauty and historic significance, Beaufort has been a favorite with filmmakers since The Edison Company filmed “The Southerners” here in 1914. Since then, some of our celebrity guests have included Robert Redford, Gwyneth Paltrow, Blythe Danner, and Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick. Barbra Streisand and Nick Nolte were guests during the filming of “The Prince of Tides”, as were Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock while working on the film “Forces of Nature”. Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Dennis Quaid, Meatloaf, and Randy Quaid have also shared and enjoyed our hospitality. Every guest who stayed at The Rhett House, famous or not, was special to us and treated like part of our extended family.

Rhett House Inn owners: Marianne and Steve HarrisonSo let us welcome you to the Rhett House Inn’s extended family. You will not be disappointed.

Marianne and Stephen Harrison, Owners
The Rhett House Inn